Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Xavier Dolan Has an Obsession with Hairy Armpits



There was a guy whose name was Joey. He had nice armpits and a nice body. I have an obsession with armpits. I love hairy armpits. I’m getting a boner just talking about it. He was a year older and he was athletic. He was into basketball and hung out with these cousin humping idiots and SUV addicts. He was gently bullying me and trapping me in corners, shoving his dick in my face. He called me a fag, but he was secretly kind to me. He had beautiful eyes. He was buff, but not too much. He would hump me to humiliate me, but he didn’t know how much pleasure I was getting out of it. We had one of those relationships where you get excited because people are mistreating you. One time he punched this guy who was bullying me. He defended me, and so I hugged him. He was wearing Nike shorts, and I could feel his huge dick on my belly. I’ll remember that forever. We had these moments, and then one day we were in the computer lab at school, and he surprised me from behind. He put his armpit in my face. Armpits are gross to normal people, and he thought it would gross me out. That was one of the most erotic moments of my life. It’s my fantasy every day. I wish it would happen to me every day. Right after that, I went to the bathroom and jerked off. That was the first time I came.

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