Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday PM

This is unusual for me...raw stuff (i.e., meaning not edited so odd sizes & images that don't look like those I clean up) -- there's a big collection of "Otters" over at It started with this guy I've seen in lots of blogs and probably have posted here a couple times. (I changed the shirt from pink to red. Scooter hates pink!) Image search took me to JustUsBoys and the "Otter" link.

There's stuff to avoid, like commercial links and some that switch you over to pussies (unless you like that), but if you start out at! you should be okay. Some we've seen a lot, some are really hot. Keep the situation well in hand!


Ralph said...

Hot gallery. If I could only bring one home it would be 33.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about fixing the pics. They look good just the way they are......All Natural. ;-). Thanks s

Anonymous said...

blue boxers & seashells