Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Night Fiction

The day was still very young so I got up for another beer, and when I turned back around my roommate was giving me one of his looks.

“No way dude,” I whispered as I sat back down.

He just nodded back, sure of himself. The little shit kicker of a freshmen sitting next to him was regaling us with stories about parties he’d been to, how much he could drink, and how many girls he’d been able to fuck in one night. A consistent one-upper if there ever was one. But that wasn’t really the best way to get on with the rest of the brothers.

The afternoon went on and before long we all had that steady buzz going. Chad pulled me to the side eventually, “I’m tellin’ you bo, I ever been wrong about this?”

“I just don’t see it,” I told him, and took another swig of my beer, “but…I bet it’s tight as fuck.”

He nodded back, “Let me check it out a little more, lets say 1am, cool?”

I agreed and went about my business for the rest of the night. About 1:30, nearly drunk and maybe slightly high, who knows, I strolled back to the room. “Dude, about time!” Chad trumpeted, “Wes was just telling me about how disappointed he was in our party.”

He laughed, “well yeah, I mean, I thought there’d be more girls. Last time I was at a frat party I had like five on me all at once, and…”

“huh, oh yeah?” I said, cutting him off, “just guys now man, you might have to just deal with that.”

He took a long gulp of the now warm Natty Lite that we doled out to guests, “yea…I got blown by one once.”

My room mate raised his eyebrows and grinned and looked straight at me, as if to say I-told-you-so. “No shit,” I said, “well you’re sitting next to a grade-A cocksucker right now.” He tensed up and threw his head back when Chad laid his hand on his crotch. “Fuck,” he mumbled, “I dunno man.” He stopped squirming as his cock hardened with Chad’s massaging and leaned back onto his elbows on the bed. His jeans came undone easily and slid off. As I sat down on the bed next to him I could smell the mustiness and rubbed his stomach, feeling the light dusting of hair, and leaned in to flick his nipple with my tongue. He moaned as I did it and even deeper when Chad slid his boxers down and licked the length of his stiff shaft. After a few minutes he moved down to his full balls, sucking in their heftiness, and I had my own turn at that thick country dick. Already covered in my room mates spit, it slid easily down my throat.

As I came up I licked my way up his torso to his neck. Finding his sweet spot just below his ear, I bit lightly and sucked as he whimpered. Wes’ hand moved down to my own aching dick and rubbed it through my jeans. I fumbled for a second and let it out. Instinctively I got up on my knees and let him take my cock. There was no doubt, this kid had tasted cock before. Plenty of times. He sunk down on my shaft and buried his nose in my bush. He came up for air and left a long trail of slick spit connecting to my dick, so I pushed him back down. He forced it all the way down again, only to gag slightly, “Goddamn,” he said lightly, with watery eyes. “You like that cock?” I asked him. “Fuck yea,” he nodded, before getting back to work.

I knew Chad was getting restless when he propped himself up on his arms, looking hungrily at the fresh meat. There was no question from him, only a swift movement throwing the kids legs up and plowing his tongue down on his ass all at once. Wes moaned at the warmth flooding his cherry ass, and at that point, I knew we had him. Chad worked him over and tongue fucked him to get him ready. I started to rub my fingers in tandem with his tongue, circling that tight pink hole and letting a knuckle sink in every now and again.

Eventually, Chad laid down on the bed and grabbed Wes by the arm, swinging him around on top of him. He took his cockhead and slid it back and forth along Wes’ ass hole. He moaned and Chad whispered to him, “sit on it for me.” The kid obliged and slowly pushed his weight back onto the thick piece of meat pressing into him. He went slow, giving himself time to adjust, his face crumpling and his mind reeling with the pain and pleasure of it all. I jerked his cock from the side and tugged on his nutsac for encouragement. After a minute or so, Chad got into his rhythm, thrusting his cock into that tight wet hole.

He over to me and jerked his head up, “c’mon,” he said lightly. I got up and positioned myself behind. As Chad slowed his thrust to a stop, burying his cock to the hilt, I slid my throbbing head over the already stretched pucker. I gave my cock a few wads of spit and slathered it over my shaft. Slowly, I pressed against Wes’ hole, penetrating him a second time, sliding my dick against my roommates.

Wes wailed as I plunged slowly into him, his sweaty body tensing and then relaxing as he was pressed between me and Chad. I leaned into his ear, “you ever been fucked like this before?”

“No,” he groaned, “fuck,” and tried to catch his breath.

Wes could barely steady himself as we both picked up the pace, out cocks both thrusting in and out of that hole, pressed tight against each other. I knew Chad was getting close as he pumped his dick in shorter bursts. His shaft started to pulse and spew thick warm gobs of cum into that waiting ass. The pulse of his cock against mine pushed me over the edge. I unloaded just after, spraying my own seed into Wes, flooding his already full insides with more steamy cum.

As I slowly began to pull out, Wes ground his cock into Chad and came between them. Slowly, he sat up and pulled off of Chad’s deflating prick, the cum mixing with a stream of sweat and running down his chest.

As he collapsed on the bed I saw a few drops of cum dripping from his violated ass. I slid my finger down and rubbed our seed back into his ass hole, letting him lick the remainder off my finger. I flopped down on the bed as well, Wes between me and Chad. I patted him on the chest as he breathed heavily, a satisfied look across his face, “Fuck dude, you’re in,” I said, “but don’t let anymore cum out, got it?”

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