Saturday, September 16, 2017

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Boys to Men

Senior Portraits

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Sigma Male

What is a Sigma male? Who are we? What defines us?
The most widely held view is that a Sigma Male is an outsider in the male hierarchy, who succeeds despite rejecting the hierarchy itself. A Sigma is the lone wolf, whose quiet, brooding personality is both mysterious and intriguing.
While many see the Sigma as a rebel who challenges and undermines Alpha Males, the real truth is that a Sigma is an introverted Alpha. Whereas an Alpha is easily recognisable as a dominant extrovert, it is not as clear that a Sigma is a dominant introvert. This is simply down to the misconception that all introverts are submissive. This stereotype leads many to confuse introversion with shyness and being passive. A Sigma is anything but. A Sigma is often quiet but never shy or intimidated. Quietness and solitude are choices, Sigmas are very assertive and will speak and make themselves heard when they need to.
Most proponents of the idea that Sigmas are the nemesis of Alphas are men who resent Alphas deeply, usually arising from bad experiences with them in the past. The Sigma appears to them to be the heroic counterpoint the Alpha. It gives them an archetype to aspire to, a role model that can beat the Alpha at his own game, outsmart him and humiliate him on his own turf. The reality is that Sigmas and Alphas are two sides of the same coin, dominant personalities on opposite ends of the introversion/extroversion spectrum. Sigmas and Alphas often mix well, mutual, if guarded, respect is the norm and recognising that one does not pose a threat to the other. A true Sigma is absolutely introspective and as a result does not concern himself with the petty power displays. He feels, quite rightly, that such things are beneath him. Their attitude to this is best summed up by the African proverb, “A lion does not turn around when a small dog barks”.
Sigmas are confident, self-assured and extremely comfortable in their own skin. A Sigma Male has a deep understanding of how his mind and personality works. He knows his learning style and personality type, their strengths and their inherent weaknesses. It is this understanding that allows a Sigma to turn his weaknesses into strengths. Many men daydream and fantasise, they are easily dismissed as Walter Mitty characters. It’s the Sigma who can utilise those daydreams as creative visualisation and turn it into a powerful tool. The Sigma can see what he wants and what he admires. He can see it so clearly, in such focus, that he can see what he needs to do to make it real. It is real in his mind before he ever takes action to make it happen. Intense and unrelenting focus like this is characteristic of a Sigma. Where an Alpha is adept at a broad range of skills, often biased towards physical and social skills, Sigmas will excel in a few select areas. Their natural focus and mental acuity leads them to academic and cerebral pursuits but they are equally capable of applying their skills to other areas. It’s common for Sigmas reach elite levels in sport, particularly individual sports. 

There's more but you get the idea.

Two Things

Read this in high school, so well written, made me more aware and accepting . . .

And this that deserves our support . . .

THE PLEDGE: I believe in a world where hope outshines fear.
I commit to stand up and speak out against hate and intolerance.
My support for LGBTQ youth will be steadfast. I am part of a global community that is proud and resolute in its efforts to create a 
brighter, more inclusive world for all people.
I know it will get better.