Thursday, April 20, 2017

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New "Romeo & Juliet"

New ‘Romeo & Juliet’ production pits Premier League players as lead lovers

Star-crossed lovers on the pitch.

The William Shakespeare classic Romeo & Juliet is about to get the Outsports treatment, courtesy of the Union Theatre in London. In April and May Victory Harvey Productions will stage a production featuring two male Premier League players in the lead roles of the famous star-crossed lovers.
A promo for the production promises “Romeo and Juliet will redefine how you view Shakespeare, sport, and masculinity — and no doubt leave you wanting extra time.”
Pun intended.
There is currently not an active out Premier League player. Justin Fashanu was the first English professional soccer player to come out publicly, over two decades ago. Robbie Rogers is still signed by the Los Angeles Galaxy, though he has been recuperating from an injury and has not seen action this season.
With all the drama of sports and life in the closet, there’s lots of potential for this one.
Tickets are only £22.5, or about $28. The show will run in London, April 29 to May 20.

Dick Code app


New App Offers Ingenious Option For Guys Who Are Too Shy To Send Dick Pics

Dick Code generates a custom profile of penises for worry-free sharing.

In our modern age of online dating and internet hook ups, dick pics, for better or for worse, have become a kind of digital currency ― especially for gay men. Hop on Grindr or Scruff or any other web app designed to connect men looking for love ― or just someone to get off with ― and it won’t be long before you’re asked to show exactly what you’re packing.

For some, sharing explicit images isn’t a big deal. But for those who are worried about privacy and want to avoid having their nether bits distributed to anyone ― or everyone ― on the internet, dick pics have been seen as a total no-go.

Gyorgy Szucs, the 28-year-old gay CEO and founder of design and code company Creative Robot, wants to help eradicate dick pic stigma while promoting sex and body positivity and what he refers to as “kinkiness.” He’s developed a new app, called Dick Code, that lets users choose from a number of illustrations that most closely match their genitals and then generates a “code” that they can send to whomever they choose without fearing that move might eventually come back to haunt them.

Dick Code users are asked to select the penis that most closely matches their own.
Dick Code asks each user to select from a variety of physical penis characteristics ― from size and girth to hairiness and curvature ― in order to create an intimate profile of their member that is as representative as possible. Dick Codes also offers additional information that a dick pic can’t, like the trajectory and pattern of the individual’s ejaculate.

“I started by drawing many dicks as a practice,” Szucs told me in an email. “First I started with the obvious categories, like size and circumference and then I went on to the ‘dirty’ stuff and added everything that my mind could think of absolutely shamelessly.”

Szucs, who is originally from Hungary but currently resides in Santiago, Chile, also shared with me where the inspiration for Dick Code originally came from, his thoughts on the politics of dick pics (especially involving straight men sending unwanted images to women), his upcoming plans for Vagina Code and Sex Code apps and more.

The Huffington Post: Where did the idea for Dick Code come from? Was there a specific “a ha!” moment of inspiration?Gyorgy Szucs: I received a picture from a friend with drawn penises where you could choose the right one for you. I felt it was incomplete and too complicated to communicate the result. I immediately thought it could be a great web app, especially if I put my kinkiness in it as well.

Dick Code asks users to choose the trajectory of ejaculate that most closely matches their own.

Do you intend for people to really use it when communicating with others online? Or is it more of an art or conversation piece?I wanted a simple, handy tool that enables people to communicate more about their sexual features. I focused on the parts we tend to be shy about, so I intentionally didn’t give descriptions. I’m a very rational person, so I don’t feel like it’s an art piece ― I just want to help people and bring out their kink.

Dick pics are controversial and can be problematic because they are often sent to people who don’t want them ― especially by straight men to straight women. What are your personal thoughts about the politics of dick pics?It depends. I believe if you receive a dick pic you didn’t ask for, most likely that means the owner of it has an ugly face and/or personality. But if you’re already in a conversation with someone online looking for a hookup, and passed the mental check, I see no problem in exchanging hot pics. Now you can exchange dick codes too.

Dick Code asks users to choose the amount of pubic and testicle hair that most closely matches their own.
Do you think that dick pics work differently among gay men versus non-gay people? How do you think women feel about this and do you think straight men would use Dick Code?Let me tell you ― [by looking at Google analytics I learned that] 40 percent of the 1 million visitors I had in four days were women. I thought it would be a gay thing only, but I think now I’ll have to interview straight women too to see what’s going on. Based on the feedback so far, I believe that girls use it to describe their favorite dick. Straight guys don’t really use it, in fact they are mostly disgusted by this, but maybe they will soon be asked by their next date to share their dick code. No escape.

What has the response been? What are people saying?
I’m having such fun days. I’m receiving like 50 messages a day about how ingenious the idea is, how easy it became for shy people to be more kinky. They are laughing a lot while still sharing features they never talked about before. And the most amazing part is that people who created and shared their dick code tell me how surprisingly positive the responses are. They believed that their dick was not impressive as it is not “big,” but they had now come to the realization that people (women especially) are kinky deep inside and find certain aspects of a dick impressive, other than just the size.

And of course, girls keep asking for the V[agina] Code. I’m already working on that, I just need lots of help as I’m not experienced in that area.
Gyorgy Szucs, the 28-year-old gay CEO and founder of design and code company Creative Robot, who invented Dick Code
Are there other “codes” in the works and when will they roll out?
Vagina Code and Sex Code. The latter will be basically about sex positions and games. Kinky games. I believe the V Code will come in the following few weeks, and the Sex Code after that. I’ll update the Dick Code page with details.

I’m absolutely shocked by the fact how many women use the Dick Code. I think the V code will be fun for straight guys mostly, but I guess the Sex Code will turn into the next “50 Shades of Grey.”

What do you ultimately want people to take away from this project?I believe it is a fun tool to bring out your kinkiness in a very safe way and share it with your partner. It’s easy to tap innocent drawn images about dirty stuff. It is definitely not just a gay thing. People tell me and now I believe that I started something big, something that might reform online dating and the way we talk about sex. I’ll keep adding ways to it. I hope that dating sites will realize the value and maybe add a field in people’s profile for D, V and Sex Codes.

You can visit Dick Code here. For more from Szucs, visit his Instagram page.

Deep, Dark Olive Garden Secrets

04/20/2017 03:16 pm ET

Guy’s Date With An Olive Garden Manager Unearths Deep, Dark Secrets

This hilarious Twitter thread is even more compelling than unlimited breadsticks.

A San Francisco-based writer blessed the interwebs Wednesday with the apparent answer to a question as old as Olive Garden’s most famous slogan: What exactly would a customer have to do to no longer be considered “family?”

Joe Wadlington wrote on Twitter that he went on a date Tuesday night and discovered his prospective love interest is a former general manager for the chain. But not just any Olive Garden ― his date was the general manager of the Times Square Olive Garden. You know, the one that’s three floors high, charges $400 a head for its New Year’s Eve bash, and leaves everyone wondering why tourists visiting New York are eating at an Olive Garden?
I went on a date last night and the guy meekly shared that he used to be THE GENERAL MANAGER FOR THE TIMES SQUARE OLIVE GARDEN.
Wadlington reacted as any human with a pulse would have: He said he launched into a full-blown interrogation about the restaurant’s innermost workings and, of course, the infamous unlimited salad and breadsticks.
Clearly, he'd seen some shit. So the next hour and a half was me asking questions. I tried to do y'all right.
He related what his date declared the Garden’s worst-case scenario: The horror of running out of unlimited breadsticks is far more upsetting than anything else that can possibly happen at the restaurant.
Q Did y'all ever run out of breadsticks? If so what happened?
A Yes. Twice. Worst shifts of my life. People were angry, kept telling us "no"
"They kept saying, 'OLIVE GARDEN DOESNT DO THAT, our Olive Garden, in Ohio, doesn't do that."
Consider the story Wadlington says his date shared about a knife fight between two women in the restaurant.

“You may be surprised, but yes, Olive Garden running out of breadsticks is worse than a knife fight,” the date reported.
Q: What's the weirdest thing that ever happened?
A: Oh, there was a knife fight.
Q: Tell me everything.
A: Two women. They came together.
Q: Steak knives? Like the knives from the table or BYOK?
A: From the table. So, it started out as a fist fight and the other manger pulled
them apart and put one in the elevator going down to the 1st floor. They were on the third floor. The 2nd woman broke away and ran down the
Stairs. She stopped the elevator on the 2nd floor and grabbed a knife off someone's table.
A: someone else's knife?!
Q: yes
Q: So only one woman had a knife.
A: The other woman picked up a knife off a different table. So the other manager, he was a huge guy, 6'6"
ran down there and pulled them apart again. They were on the first floor at this point. And he threw them out into the street. So they could
deal with it out there.
Q: Did they still have the knives?
A: No, he took them.
Q: Did he give them breadsticks?
A: What? No.
Q: Sorry.
A: What happened after that?
Q: I don't know. They were outside, so they weren't our problem anymore
A: Would you say they're still "family"
A: No.
Q: Wait. You said the shifts where you ran out of breadsticks were the worst. Worse than the shift with a knife fight?
A: You may be surprised, but yes, Olive Garden running out of breadsticks is worse than a knife fight.
Q: No, I totally get it.
The extensive thread also answers many questions we’ve had about Olive Garden. Diners at the Times Square location pay higher prices that those at other locations; the restaurant continues seating until 2 a.m. and hosts mainly Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, and Americansfrom Ohio; and, most importantly, you can’t get kicked out for sitting and eating only as much unlimited salad and breadsticks as you can physically handle.
Q Did anyone order the unlimited soup/salad/breadsticks and stay for 8 hours?
A Why would someone do that?
Q You said they were Americans.
A: Not on my shifts. But if someone wanted to, Olive Garden would not let us remove them. They are "family" and would be allowed to eat.
The Olive Garden did not respond to requests for comment. Wadlington declined to give the name of his date, saying that he’d already been a pretty good sport about the tweets. But he assured The Huffington Post the conversation really happened, though he notes it’s possible his date exaggerated. (Eater reports wait times aren’t as long these days as the two-hour delay Wadlington’s date described.)

Either way, we wish Wadlington and his date a lifetime filled with happiness and pasta passes.

“We will be going on another date,” Wadlington told HuffPost.