Monday, July 8, 2013

"Jake" vs. "Mick"

One of the buddies wrote in that the dude identified as "Jake" -- a 2012 h.s. senior from Indiana -- is also "Mick" on the porn website Broke Straight Boys. Here's a pic of  "Mick" on BSB...

...who has a resemblance but to me does not look like the same guy as "Jake" on Facebook.

What do you think?


Tonknchek said...

No, not the same

wider mouth
less defined pecs
abs/ribs not well defined
thicker trail

longer neck
shorter nose
wider ears
thicker lips
defined pecs/abs

whkattk said...

They have similar features, but not the same guy.

Ralph said...

"Jake" vs "Mick". Some of the pictures I've saved of Jake stop me dead in my tracks... This picture of Mick doesn't have the same effect on me.