Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oscar Pistorius

I've admired Oscar Pistorius for his achievements overcoming birth defects to become a blazing athlete. It was nice that he's been a supporter of gay rights. And being such a hottie didn't hurt.

After the death of Reeva Steenkamp, stories came out about his temper, love of guns, shooting incidents, etc. It's very hard to believe his version of what happened that night. A tragedy. For her sake as well as his, I wish we could rewind . . .

Oscar Pistorius Flattered That A Guy At Olympics Called Him A 'Sexy Beauty'
By Jim Buzinski | outsports on Aug 6 2012


It was impossible to not be inspired by the story of South African double amputee runner Oscar Pistorius, who made it all the way to the men's 400-meter semifinals. Pistorius clearly loves his moment in the London spotlight, grateful to show he can compete with the world's best.

I was struck by this quote he gave to the media on the track following his Saturday race, where he qualified for the semis:

"I heard some guy shout out, ‘Oh you sexy beauty!' " Pistorius said. "It's moments like this that you just have to step back and go, ‘Wow, I've been blessed by the Lord.' My family and friends have been so supportive."

He heard this prior to his race and turned to the guy and waved. Pretty cool.

Pistorius is a sexy beauty. I watched his Sunday race with Dave Kopay and we were both struck at how charismatic and personable he is and by what a stud he is. If he ever wants to join Team Gay, he can cut to the front of the line.

I have read enough to know his carbon fiber legs do not confer him an advantage. If anything, he has to work harder than the other runners to generate the same power. For anyone who bitches about him somehow having an edge, the simple retort is: Would you swap your legs for his? Didn't think so.


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