Thursday, October 16, 2014

Clipped Wings — Homophobia in Scouting

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JiEL said...

Very interesting post.

The issue in gay scouting, as M. Geoff McGrath said, is that they are funded by some churches and, most of them, are Mormons.
Mormons are so homophobic that it doesn't surprise anyone that it's a BIG issue.

In another way of thinking, many are mixing up "pedophilia" and "homosexuality".
I did know one man, a teacher and fan of scouting, who was a pedophile. He had a girlfriend and was hiding this to everyone.
He was revealed because some students talked about him doing bad things....

SO, my point is that the fear toward open gay guys is irrelevant and stupid. How many so called "straight" guys are, in fact, pedophile predators hidding in the Scout's groups.
That is where the "hunt" might get to be sure of the safety of all young guys, boys and girls.

Best regards.