Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday? Really? Pic of the day

Scooter likes this dude Colton Haynes even with his clothes on.   ;-)


whkattk said...

Hope you had a terrific weekend!

I agree with you - guys should be able to have sex with their friends, buddies, and bros and remain friends, buddies, and bros. Sex - especially for men - is a form of entertainment, a great way to pass the time having a good time. Somehow, somewhere through the course of the Taming of Man, we've been led to believe fucking is tantamount to Love, the way to prove we care. The way to express love is to ensure another's well-being and happiness at all costs - even to give one's life for another if need be, to be there through thick and thin and never give up.

JiEL said...

I also am a GREAT fan of Colton..

I have a huge collection of his pics: clothed or not...

Most of all I just droll for his cute little ears and is cute face too..
Blue eyes to die for..

I'd go to hell for a kiss or more.... LOL !!