Monday, February 22, 2016

Zac Efron Has A “Handsome” And “Veiny” Penis

Adam Devine Confirms | God is real!

by Matthew Tharrett

It’s been a long and arduous wait, and even though we thought Michelle Rodriguez was pretty ready to spill the deets last summer, it has finally happened. Someone has finally confirmed that walking infallible six-pack Zac Efron has a beautiful dick.

“In that scene we do, we kept trying to see Zac Efron’s dick,” Adam recently told the Daily Mailof that epic promo Zac filmed with the cast of Workaholics in April 2014 to promote Neighbors. In it, Zac energetically gives Adam a lap dance to land his dream job. 

Though he didn’t see it at the time, Devine said he finally made things happen while the two were on set of their new buddy comedy, Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates.

“I actually just shot a movie with Zac called Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates and I didn’t leave it on the Workaholics set,” he said. “It’s a very handsome d**k. It’s just as veiny as his arms.”

There are countless amazing shots of Zac Efron and his impossibly beautiful body, but just for reference, here are his big, veiny arms:

Good work, Adam. Now let’s just work on getting Zac to go full-frontal. He’s open to exploring his options, ya know.

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