Monday, June 6, 2016

Start the Week With a Smile Pic of the Day

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whkattk said...

Happy Monday!

Love the articles. I think, in all actuality, that we aren't have more "gay" sex, we're just accepting that sexuality isn't strictly hetero- or homo-, that we can enjoy both according to whom we may be attracted to in the moment. Because sexual activity is pleasurable, whether it happens to be a man or woman tugging on your dick, or sucking it. That full enjoyment comes in the sharing of the pleasure, and reciprocation is a natural reaction. So, then, it doesn't matter whether it's a woman's tits you're massaging, or a man's nipples you're licking. The mounding cheeks you grab can belong to either gender, either gender may be grabbing yours - it still feels nice.

I hope we get to wide acceptance of this sooner rather than later.