Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Hugely Successful Convention is Done!


whkattk said...

Well done! History has been made in two ways: First woman nominee of a major party. Fist time a husband and wife have both earned the nomination.

JiEL said...

From this side of the border, in Montreal, this convention was so filled with more positive views of what REAL USA people are.

Very impressive speeches from ALL kind of communities in USA, REAL AMERICANS as we love here.

Hope the «hate part» of USA people can understand ALL the implications of voting for D. Trump.

I was, as most people, impressed by M. Khan's speech and also by Col. Allen and the veterans behind him. Sure those citizens REALLY KNOW what is real patriotism and giving their lives to protect USA and democracy.

Maybe Hillary isn't the best of the possible president but must admit that she is the most prepared to be in office.
Trump is so a «fake» to me and he is too «alone» to be a real president.

Hillary scored for me when she said that SHE ALONE couldn't make the changes that USA needs: she knows that it's a TEAM work to do.

Hope the best for you next November.