Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A poem about something we all like

From one of the best buddies . . .

Sleep is eluding me, I'm tossing around,
Feeling the need, the hunger, my hand moves down.
The skin connects, the feelings flow
Like ocean waves washing down through my toes.
With increasing speed the tension mounts,
The pressure builds, and then I shout
An ecstatic sound! I've reached the top!
My world goes black with shot after shot
Of waves of release! The happiness flows,
Arching my back, curling my toes.
I hurl into nothing, everything, together!
Reality creeps in, I open my eyes,
And looking around I surmise
The mess I've made indulging myself,

But that's why I keep a towel on the shelf!

Paul London


Anonymous said...

ah yes, the cum towel ;-) We all have them. Thanks for sharing the poem

whkattk said...

Great poem!

glen_mc said...

I call mine the cum rag!

Emanuele Donghi said...

I cum into my old sock...