Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Over the top – or under the bottom

IMO, Huffington Post lost it a long time ago. They spent most of 2015 trashing HRC even without the help of Russian trolls but often promoting the same propaganda. The amount of coverage they’ve given bi issues is pitiful. Trans issues are important but maybe not all there is. And many of the stories they promote on their “Queer Voices” blog demonstrates why many of us who have same-sex partners reject the "queer” label. For example, this fringe-iest of fringe news. Not sure I agree that getting your asshole tattooed makes you a hero. A social critic, maybe, or even a stand-up (bend over) comedian . . .


Heroic Artist Gets ‘Make America Great Again’ Tattooed Around His Anus (NSFW)

1 comment:

Paul said...

As soon as I see the queer I close the matter how much I want to read the story. I hate the word as much as I hate the word faggot!!

Gay media, Huff Post or whatever does not speak for me.