Monday, August 7, 2017

Warning: We’ve made progress, but . . .

It can always be taken away and the Trump administration is setting the stage for repeal of same sex rights. Here’s a reminder from our history . . .

Justice Department Ordered to Release 1950s Gay ‘Purge’ Documents

“It’s also important that our allies and other fellow citizens understand what the government did so we could do our best to avoid repeating history.”

And a reminder of what happens elsewhere around the world . . .

Ayaz Marhoni and Mahmoud Asgari, 18 and 16 at the time of their execution.

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JiEL said...

Now with Trumpty Dumpty's administration which is lobbied by ultra Christian extremists, the LGBT rights (if they ever existed in USA) are in GREAT danger.

As long as RELIGION is part of your political spheres, LGBT rights are at stake as a never ending story.

As a Canadian, I'm fully protected by our Canadian Charter of Liberty and Rights since 1982. NO religious group or individual can go against it.

I viewed the movie «When We Rise» making a bright overview of the LGBT battles in USA since Stonewall to today. It reveals how a cha-cha dance are LGBT rights regarding WHO is in office and at the Congress and Senate.

For me, USA ISN'T land of LIBERTY and more now that Trumpty Dumpty is in office making BAD BAD decisions against ALL and EVERYONE that are not «white-straight-wealthy-Christian» American not immigrant too.

He is showing the whole world that USA is no more «GREAT AGAIN» but «MEANER».

PS.- One of its effect on Canada and now Montreal, for many days and months now, there are over 150-200 Haïtian people crossing the USA border in Lacolle to get away from the future ban of them that Trumpty Dumpty is going to promote.
Those HaÏti people where welcome to USA as 2012 earthquake by Obama.
As Trumpty Dumpty HATE the name OBAMA, "HE is undoing ALL what was done by that «GREAT» president.