Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day

I long for the day when labels will be obsolete in heart and mind; when each person's worth will be recognized and respected regardless of race, religion, nationality, color, age, physical ability, sexual identity, or affectional affiliation; when we will understand that the attraction we feel from one to another is simply what it is, and that we are not limited by old definitions; when we are free to be who we are without fear or prejudice; and to laugh more often than we cry.

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JiEL said...

For ALL you've expressed on top of you post, must tell you that we have it ALL in Canada since 1980.

Our Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberty do it and provide every Canadian to live FREELY no matter who he is or what he believe in too or what race he is.

More to say when our Canadian Army General in Chief and other officers joined ALL the Gay Prides in Canada and most of all the Ottawa National Pride event. They said that any LGBT people who wants to serve in Canadian armed forces were more than welcome. This happened just after your «45» said that transgender people had to quit US army and no trans would be entering USA's army.

Luckily, your generals didn't do anything to obey this silly order from the White House moron....

Canada is a leader in Human Rights for decades now.