Saturday, May 25, 2013

Link Requests

There are lots of hot blogs around and I wish I could list 'em all. Many bloggers want to trade links -- always willing to take a look. Sometimes bloggers give their email and sometimes not, so here's a reminder. This blog is non-commercial and I link only to other non-commercial blogs. Non-commercial means not for pay and no paid ads. I do this for entertainment, mine and yours, not for $$$ and like to keep it that way. Hope you all understand. Happy looking! ~ Steve


Buddy Bear said...

Hey Steve, Your blog is one of my favourites, a daily "must read!" But we already list each other's blog on our blogrolls.

JiEL said...

I'm totally behind you and I love the way you manage your nice blog..

Keep on blogging those nice pics and links..

Cheers from Montréal

Raul Rodriguez said...

Sometimes I feel like my blog is one of the very few left that is non-profit. I am glad to see I'm not alone...and yours is an awesome blog. After almost four years and just celebrating six million hits...I am just surprised Google hasn't closed my blog.

I think that Google likes those blogs that take advertising...what do you think?


SteveXS said...

Hola Raulito --

The main reason I have so many warnings on my blog is to try and keep kids away. (Tho remembering my own curiosity it would only have made me more interested.) After that, I want Blogger to know I'm being responsible. I don't know the stats on how many gay vs. str8 blogs they close but an outside warning that a blog contains adult content shd be enuf.

RiversideRoss said...

This is my favorite blog for male pics--natural guys, not models, not all smooth, not commercial, variety, humor. It's great! Thanks so much!!