Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Had to share this

From "buddy" Neely O'Hara...

Love your blog-I agree with you on this whole "Shave, wax, peel" off the body hair fad. It's sad that men have been influenced to this point. I spoke to some straight guys about this and they all had practically the same answer, their wives/girlfriends (born after 1975) won't give them blowjobs unless they are smooth. Pathetic!! but, since that is what most men crave, I guess it makes sense, guess it's worth it to --ITCH like crazy to have your dick sucked on...LOL!! well, my boyfriend is completely hairy and that's the way we like it. I once showed a co- worker friend of mine a cell pic of my boyfriend's hairy butt, she was shocked, said how does he keep "poopy" from getting stuck in the hair? I laughed, I replied -- Soap and water sweety!! Anyway, keep up the great blog , It's a pleasure !!... Neely O'Hara

In honor of hairy asses everywhere...

P.S. Got more project deadlines so may or may not be able to put up a whole post 2nite.

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glen_mc said...

"Poopy" what was she 12?

Licking a hairy arse is just bliss!!