Friday, July 18, 2014


In late, catch up tomorrow. Went to see “Boyhood” – the movie that literally took 12 years to make using the same cast members in order to see the main character, Mason, grow up as those around him also change. It’s profound in the way 12 years of home movies would be if you could stand to watch. When the screen went black at the end (SPOILER ALERT: the movie just stops), my movie buddy and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, saying “We’ll never get those seven hours back.” Actually, it runs only 166 minutes, just felt like seven hours. I’m sure it will be nominated and could win the Academy Award like a previous novelty, that silent movie a few years ago.
Not to say there aren’t good and occasionally really good things to appreciate, but I don’t share the over-the-top gushing of the Post’s movie critic. It's the perfect example of a critic writing to impress other critics with a lofty perceptiveness not granted to lesser mortals. There’s going to be a shortage of superlatives at the Post for a while.

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