Friday, April 24, 2015

Hundreds of gay short films from all over the net

Free Gay Films Online

"There are tons of free gay films available online. Technology has allowed more and more people to create gay themed films and more gay films are coming out from independent directors all over the world. Distribution is as easy as putting it online and if it is good, it can quickly gain an audience. All of these films are free to watch, courtesy of Youtube, and you can enjoy all of them right here. They usually star cute unknown actors that do amazing jobs and they easily get the viewer sucked in in a short amount of time. Gay short films have a feel that you would not experience in a mainstream gay film. It is a very raw and real feel that usually is inspired by real events."

A young couple nearing their nine months anniversary hit a road block when one decides to have lunch with an admirer. The relationship is tested as they face their insecurities along the way.

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JiEL said...

Thank you this site is so awesome.

Sent the link to all my gay friends that love gay theme movies.

I've already know that one you shore here..
"Dare" is another cute one to see.

Cheers and thank you again.