Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Obviously Intentionally Homoerotic Carver Twins

Noticed this when I posted the pic this morning of Max and Charlie Carver inside the same suit. Whose hand is grabbing the crotch? Not too subtle. So I started looking. It's hard to miss, so many poses that look so "loving" and not in a brotherly way. Charlie is older by 7 minutes, Max is taller. In most of their pics together, Max looks like the protective one, usually with an arm around Charlie's shoulder or a hand touching somewhere. Charlie often has his head on Max's shoulder. Sometimes Max is even embracing him. I'm not suggesting there's anything inappropriate, but they -- or their photographers -- sure know at least one segment of their audience.



JiEL said...


Those twins are super sexy and I love to see them in Teen Wolf mostly when they show them shirtless...

For sure, everybody knows how close twins can be to each other..

Thinking of «homosexuality» here is a bit getting too far.
For sure they must take advantage on that image and I cannot accuse them of that..

I'd love to touch such a twin bro if I had one..

Love those Carver twins..

MMM !!

Mike said...

Interesting that in terms of facial features, they could be identical twins. Or is the height difference from a non-genetic cause?

Regarding the homoerotic nature of some of their photos, I think that they go much farther in that direction than I would if I had a twin brother and were not getting it on with him. So if I had to bet I would say that probably have some sort of mutual sex life.

That might bother some people from the standpoint of the taboo on incest. But the reason for the incest taboo is to avoid the production of offspring from parents who are too closely related genetically. To the extent that the Carver twins have sex with each other, no children will be conceived, so the dangers attendant to inbreeding don't factor in.

Long term, I hope that they can move on to relationships with women so that they can reproduce. Their genes are too good to end when the two of them die.

I realize that that may not be a popular position on this blog, but it's the way I look at it. It's simply not good for the human race when the smartest, best and most handsome guys fail have children.

SteveXS said...

Interesting points. I assume it's put on for the fans but who knows? And they should at least donate a huge batch of sperm for science!