Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bad Lip Reading - First Republican Debate

No doubt this reveals something about my sense of humor but I’m ROTFLMAO!


The people who put this together gave me the best laugh in a long time . . .

Footnote 8/20/2015: I once mentioned a pathetic right-wing jerk who occasionally comes on here to leave poisonous comments. I'm no longer publishing them because I don't support that kind of freakishness. But I will share the comment he just left before consigning him to permanent oblivion. He can't wait to see Hillary Clinton die in a prison cell. That's the quality of the political opposition in these crazy times. I've seen similar comments on various "mainstream" news sites and blogs that have become clogged with viciousness and hate from people who apparently thrive on viciousness and hate and really don't give a flying fuck about the truth and who certainly don't care about the rest of humanity. Not for me and not here. Ciao.

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Joe said...

We must have the same sense of humor because I found that very funny, and I needed something to make me laugh today.