Monday, August 24, 2015

Teen Wolf Season 5 Midseason Finale 2NITE

Before the show starts, a little tribute to my favorite actor on the show . . . and an ultimate BILF . . .

It MAY be getting out of my system, this season has been so stupid, way too much S&M with the weird doctors shit. DO'B is still tops but I'd like to put him on the bottom for a nite or 2!   ;-)   Hoping to be back to normal routine after Labor Day.


Joe said...

I completely agree about he Dread Doctors crap. It's just been too weird. They got away from the mythology which was one of the best things. And while,I find DO'B very sexy, I can't help but be head over heals for Ryan Kelly as Deputy Jordan Parrish. He sets me on fire every time I look at him.

JiEL said...

Must admit that I like also Dylan but my favorite is Tyler Posey.

I love him and couldn't think of what I could do to touch him... MMMM!!!

Here, I'm looking Teen Wolf in French and we're not as far in the season's series.

I cannot see it in English because my cable provider in Montreakl don't have that channel.

Must say that I have HBO and Space channels and other too so I can see lot of sci-fi series with many other «cuties» in them.