Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A few from Joe

It may be my imagination but I think the dude is broadening his horizons. Click on the link below posted on  his site . . .


Q: Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on guy best friends jerking off together?
A: I can honestly say that has never even cum close to being a thought of mine.

Hey guys,

I’m really drunk right now. The first time in a while so I felt like writing because I feel inspired or whatever. I promise to spell everything correctly. Okay so, I just want everyone to know that anything is possible. I know that is something that has been turned into a “Disney” type quote but it’s so true. Like, I’m not special. I know you might be like OH NO YOU’RE SPECIAL YOURE FUNNY or whatever but I’m really not. I’m no different than you. I realized through all this shit I’ve been doing that all I wanna do is be successful (of course) and inspire people to do the same. Don’t settle. Don’t think “Okay I’m just gonna be ____” BE WHAT YOUR DREAM IS. Whatever you wanna be, be that shit. Even if it takes years to be. At least one day you’ll be able to say you’re what you’ve always dreamt of. Fuck I don’t know if I’m making sense right now. But please, just do that. You have to make step everyday. You have to take steps. You can’t waste your time on these stupid ass apps. Instagram, Twitter, etc. That is a fantasy world. You gotta take steps towards your dreams. Please. Please just take steps towards your dreams. I know your “dream job” may seem impossible and so far away but it won’t a year from now if you start taking steps TODAY!

Don’t idolize the people that you wish were your peers. Make them your peers. Be what you want to be.

I’m od Disney and inspiration right now but fuck it, it’s the way I feel. I’m drunk and this is what came out. Please do it.

The world is bigger than the Internet. You can do real things that make an impact on people. Please know that. You can whatever you want & go wherever you want to go.


Justin said...

Love the vids and love the post.
There's no one more fun than a positive drinker.
Cheers to that!!!

SteveXS said...

Yeah, he comes off as kind of a goof but has some good points.