Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grab Bag Sunday (a little late)


Fullmoonma said...

We were charmed by the flying penis with bells we saw last month - was it in the museum in Paestum? Naples? Vatican? all three? No copies available in the gift shops or on the web. Love to have one hanging outside our bedroom window. Any ideas?

SteveXS said...

Found this, maybe it will help you track one down?

Roman Tintinnabulum, C. 100 BC - 400 AD
In ancient Rome, a tintinnabulum was a wind chime or assemblage of bells. A tintinnabulum often took the form of a bronze phallic figure or fascinum, a magico-religious phallus thought to ward off the evil eye and bring good fortune and prosperity.
Tintinnabula were hung in the doorways of houses and shops, often together with a lamp, as a protection against evil spirits. The name comes from the inclusion of bells that would have hung from suspension loops as seen in this example.