Monday, January 18, 2016

Christian Bale kissed his mates and this critic puts it down?

This lame article makes no sense. Christian Bale didn’t kiss the guys as a gag, it was obviously an expression of affection. Instead, why isn't he cheering that Bale advanced the idea that it's okay for dudes to kiss in public? What the hell is wrong with these critics?!

Christian Bale Couldn't Stop Kissing Dudes At The Critics' Choice Awards

Cole Delbyck. Entertainment Writer, The Huffington Post 
01/18/2016 01:38 pm ET 

So you just won the award for Best Actor for your performance in a critically acclaimed film at a big awards show -- what do you do?

First, kiss your wife, and then play tonsil hockey with your director and screenwriter, of course!

That was Christian Bale's strategy at the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday, where he was awarded for his role in "The Big Short." After his name was called, Bale shared a kiss with director Adam McKay and screenwriter Charles Randolph.

"That was just a lovely makeout session with my wife and with Adam and with Charles," the English actor said in his acceptance speech. "We all really got to know each other very well on this film."

Bale puckered up again when "The Big Short" won for Best Comedy, smooching McKay for all the world to see for the second time.

"That's collaborative love between Christian and I," McKay told viewers at home. "Don't judge it! It's what fuels movies like this."

We don't judge the "love" between you two, McKay. We judge you for trying to make a gag out of two men kissing.

So gross, right? Yawn.

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