Saturday, January 2, 2016

From TenEight

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked as Egan was taping a new label onto an old Gatorade bottle.

“Making my MAN bottle, that’s what.” He said and got up from his seat.

“What the fuck is a man bottle?” I asked him.

He stood in front of me and held it up, “For when I get horny, for my, you know…”

I looked at him quizzically. This kid was as sexy as he could be. Smooth skin, tight body, and big package. But sometimes I didn’t think he was all there upstairs. More the young dumb and full of cum type. “What…the fuck…are you talking about?” I asked, frustratedly.

“You know, for my…MAN juice,” he said to me with a little determination.

“Are you freaking high Egan? What are you talking about ‘man juice,’ who even says that? And why do you need a bottle?”

“Dude it’s for me to shoot my load in,” he said half under his breath ready for me to understand what he was saying, “and when I save up enough…I’m going to pour it into sarge’s body wash bottle, just to fuck with the bastard.”

I broke out laughing. “Why the fuck would you do that?”

“Cause sarge is a dick. And it’ll be funny. DUH,” he cockily shot back.

“Yeah. Don’t you think all that jizz will just wash off in the shower anyways? It wouldn’t do anything,” I told him. “Oh,” was all he said with a confused look.

Just thinking about Egan jerking off got my dick chubbing up. “Besides,” I said to him quietly, “I know a better place for you to shoot your load.” He raised an eyebrow and didn’t speak. Taking a look around and then right into his eyes I said “C’mon, lets hit the head and I’ll show you.”

He looked a little unsure but followed anyways. Maybe he wasn’t the sharpest tack in the world, but his dick obviously knew what it wanted. He followed me slowly into the last stall as I sat down on the john. “Dude?” he whispered. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him.

I placed my hand on his crotch. He gave me a little side eye, but had a slow growing smile on his face. With no objections I continued to rub his bulge and feel his cock harden. Undoing his cammies, I tugged them down to around his meaty, hair dusted thighs. His crotch was musty and sweet at the same time and his dick was straining to get out from under those boxers. Sticking my face into his manhood I mouthed around the fat outline of his cock and pulled his boxers down.

He let out a quiet “fuck” as his meat slapped against my face and my lips. Taking his cock in my hand I put my mouth over his head and swirled my tongue around it. After a minute I slowly swallowed his thick seven inches to the hilt, letting it fill my throat and enjoying the heat his body was giving off. “God damn man,” he panted and pulled back slightly. I pulled partly off but left my lips partly around his head, “Good?” I whispered. “Fuck yeah,” he said and looked down at me.

I swallowed his cock again and worked him over for a few minutes. Pulling off his cock I liked my way down his shaft to two full and heavy egg sized nuts. I sucked one of his sperm makers into my mouth and rolled it around, covering it in spit. I moved to the next nut and kept one hand on his ass, pulling him in as close as I could. His balls started to draw up and get tight as I was sucking on them and jerking his meat. I quickly let up and engulfed his cock. His breathing quickened. As I kept his cock in my mouth he released streams of hot spunk. His load was thick and his spurts of cum heavy. The salty brew flooded my mouth and I guzzled it down and savored the taste.

He relaxed after he came and braced himself on the stall walls while I stood up and tugged at his cock and balls. Egan let out a long exhale and shook his head, smiling at me. I leaned in and brought our chests together, whispering in his ear “That was outstanding, Marine.”

# # #

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