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Here’s Why We’re Rooting For Eyewitness


Here’s Why We’re Rooting For Eyewitness’ Philip And Lukas

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We may not know the future of Eyewitness, which has us really concerned for the future of the show’s one true pairing — OTP if you will — Philkas. That’s Phillip, and Lukas.
As we get closer to the season one finale of USA networks new series Eyewitness’  (based on Norway’s Øyevitne), the anticipation grows — because damn is this show intense. The series follows a pair of teenage boys after they witness a triple homicide — and the mystery that inevitably unfolds following. The teens, Philip and Lukas, escape from the killer and try to go on with life–  but that quickly changes when the man behind the killings finds out what they’ve seen.
From anxiety to hiding secrets — this relationship that grows between the pair, portrayed by Tyler Young James Paxton, is a common story that will resonate with many.  Fact is, Philip and Lukas were ‘hooking up’ at the cabin and Lukas — unlike Philip– is still in the closet. It’s not easy being open about your sexuality in a small rural town — especially when knows that that the town and his father, won’t accept him.
Lukas and Philip show signs of struggle with their relationship from the get-go, but the growth the two experience over the span of the show is exponential. The internet has been praising Paxton and Young’s stellar chemistry, top notch acting and the sheer emotion behind their portrayals of their characters — and the rest of the world needs to catch on.
With all thats said and done, we hope for the best with this show, and couple — because well, it’s hard to not be invested in the tumultuous and evolving  relationship that is Philkas.
Here’s why we’re rooting for Phillip and Lukas to have a happy ending:

They’re always honest with each other

…no matter how much it must sting.

They appreciate one another’s company

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What seemed like a strictly physical attraction between the two quickly involved into an emotional investment shared between these two, who just seem to want to soak up every stolen moment they share.

Their Chemistry 

From their beginnings in that cabin it was obvious — their chemistry is electric.

The little ways Lukas shows he cares

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Lukas was willing to let Philip ride his bike — the bike no one touches but Lukas. He confessed to Helen (Philip’s guardian/sheriff) that Philip was telling the truth so he wouldn’t leave him, even after his father told him he would lose athletic sponsors. The list goes on. He may not always say how much he adores him, but he shows exemplary signs of love.

Philip knows exactly what Lukas wants to hear

Sure — he could have easily played his favourite song, but Philip knew that if there’s anything that Lukas loves, it’s being on that dirt bike.

They know exactly how to comfort one another

Sometimes its just simply about the “its alright” and “we’ll be okay” from the one you care about to actually make you believe it.

…Or a Philkas hug

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SOURCE: alecblushed
If there’s anything we’ve noticed with this couple, is that their hugs are truly something we need to see even more of.

Their cute banter

Their jokes just tug on our heartstrings each time.

When Lukas doesn’t question Philip

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There was no “oh, why don’t you swim?” After just telling Philip that the water is only a few feet deep, he dropped the conversation and sat next to him. There was no demanding of answers there was just comforting.

Lukas’ first words when he wakes up from a coma

Not “where am I” or “what happened” but “where’s Philip.” Even when in a coma, the boy who hides all his feelings first words were for the boy he didn’t want anyone to know had anything to do with him.

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