Sunday, December 18, 2016

Waiting anxiously for the finale

10:00pm EST


Anonymous said...

Denny said :

Not as suspenseful as it could have been; Just glad Lukas/Phillip both made it.

WHY did that bastard have to kill Phillip's mother??!!

Hottest sex scenes of the season in the Fallen Pines Motel!! Loved it!

I was so-o-o happy when Helen shot that fucker Ryan.

SteveXS said...

You said it. Killing his Mom was over the top hateful but I guess they wanted to show that Ryan was unredeemable. Cruel. They decided to make it Helen's story and all I felt was relief that the boys were okay and ended up together. The best final scene would have been the funny bit running the bike on the way to Red Hook. There was so much feeling in these 10 episodes, glad I got to see/feel it with so many others who fell in love with the rocky love story of these two guys finding each other on a directly personal, non-political, far more than simply sexual basis. Excellent.

whkattk said...

Truly enjoyed the show from start to finish... Such a carefully shot scene in the motel...answered my question, "Are these two EVER going to have sex?" One tiny camera angle blew it for a split second... When Ryan didn't just shoot both boys in the trunk, I knew they would both make it. But, he was truly cruel to Helen at the very end...she kills him and finds he was unarmed. It was like, "Del with it again, bitch." He really was a nasty guy.

So, is that it? A 10-episode limited series? Is that the end of Philkas?

Paul said...

I have to wonder if Ryan knew/realized he was unredeemable (or perhaps couldn't face the consequences), upon seeing his bullet cartridge on the ground (though there might still have been one in the chamber) suggesting he was wanting suicide by cop. I don't think it was a sudden realization: he kept the boys alive, and only took Philip, Helen's foster child. Loved how Helen put her pain out for all, including Philip, to see.

Felt that the issue of Bo and Lukas could have been more resolved. Sure, Bo talked to Gabe, and at the hospital told his son he loved him, and there were indications that things were moving forward positively. However, would have liked to have seen that expanded a bit.

The hotel room scene was, well the only word I can find is amazing. The love, the caring, the intimacy, and when it came time to take it to the next level, cut! That time belonged to them. What happened belonged to them. (TV standards notwithstanding.) To even hint at what transpired would have diminished the beauty the viewers got to witness.

Gabe and Helen: unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding in its purest form. Icing on the cake. We should all be so fortunate, yet it was done in a way that wasn't sloppy or sappy.

Kudos to writers, actors, directors and all!