Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Staged or Real?

Been seeing more pics like this lately. I'm good with everybody making their own decisions and doing what they like -- as long as it doesn't scare the children -- but coercion? Doesn't do it for me. I know there are people who get off on the idea of being made to do something, maybe so they don't have to take responsibility for it, but I can't go there. Except once or twice with Scooter when we were playing Cowboys and Indians. Okay, three or four times, but that was it!  ;-)


Anonymous said...

I understand you correctly, likely, and agree with you 100 percent. I'd even want to say : it's a rape ; even if the guy (let's suppose a minute) is ok, the policeman mustn't agree, because there is too much difference between them, their statuses are opposite : the policeman doesn't have the right to do that : he makes the guy his "thing". And the question : "staged or real" doesn't matter : in both cases this is sadism.
This horrifies me. Perhaps the author of the photograph wanted rightly to show and denounce this horror ; perhaps he enjoys it.
I always very much appreciate what you do, it is rich and complex ; and I feel like saying, with your permission, I'm sure you're a good man ; you're sensitive, full of life and love it : so I imagine you are.
Please, continue ! Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

I say its fake, whats the chances everybody in the van are good looking