Friday, February 9, 2018

C'mon, they can't be serious, right?

My boy Joey Mantia is in there . . .

Did Cosmopolitan Exploit Male Olympians by Pushing Them to Strip?

"Why am I doing this?" "I didn't expect this off the bat." "That's it, that's it, I'm done." "I can't, I can't, I literally can't." 
These were some of the comments from the male athletes included in Cosmoolitan magazine's new video, "10 Team USA Hotties Get 10 Team USA Hotties Get Half-Naked and Roll Out Gold Medal-Worthy Pick-Up Lines." The video features athletes spouting cheesy pick-up lines and then exposing their chests; speedskater Joey Mantia even drops trou and shows off his underwear.
The athletes who uttered the aforementioned statements of discomfort did follow them up with a laugh or smile, including out freeskier Gus Kenworthy, who seemed the most uncomfortable and was the one saying, "I literally can't."
Even so, there were few detractors to the video. Most of the negative comments on YouTube pertained to the lack of racial diversity among the subjects, but few found the video distasteful or exploitative (it didn't hurt that the men were all very good-looking). Judge for yourself below.
The women's magazine — long known for their racy content — ran into more pushback with their recent slideshow on the best "bulges" of the 2018 Olympians.

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JiEL said...

This so ridiculous. Those athletes are awesome and they shouldn't be shy or ashame to show their nice bodies.

BTW, I don't understand Gus Kensworthy's reaction while you can see many pics of him naked on the net.

As usual, USA bigot society is shouting out for this so childish situation but are ready to excuse women abusers in the White House.
I would expect many to support Adam Rippon against the devilish Mike Spence leading the USA team in Pyiong Chang.

In USA now sens of «morality» is quite shaken by all the nonsense news of pedophile running in Alabama, White House beating women men and more, your own president with an history of abusing women too.

I'm so happy to live in Canada when I see all of these bizare news.