Thursday, February 15, 2018

Not Again

After Florida shooting, phones rang unanswered where victims fell


whkattk said...

It is surely getting tedious.... Two different totals on MSN; one report said 12 school shootings since Jan 1, the other said 18. Either number is outrageous. Remember this in November.

JiEL said...

Yes, too sadly, AGAIN.

I'm expressing all my sympathy to you all, American friends, from all Canadians.
We are brothers here and the news, again, stroke us in the stomach.

As a retired teacher, I can only say that I would never want to face such horror scene.
Why is it so «normal» to possess guns in USA and more, why are the politicians not doing anything to protect your citizens.

Since yesterday, I'm following the news on CNN and seeing those brave young guys coming and saying so bravely what they've witnessed is heartbreaking.

Our youth is a treasure and society have to be sure their safety is granted when they're going to school.

Stand up and tell those Washington politicians that YOUR LIVES COUNT more that the money of the NRA.

We, Canadians, live without guns and we don't feel we have to have some near us to be safe anywhere. We did have some shootings but so few.