Monday, April 14, 2014

Hot-Hot-Hot Vid of the Evening

Somethin' about this one . . . apologies for not figuring out how to download the vid . . .

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JiEL said...


You just RIGHT CLICK and choose «Save the video» and it'll be saved in you «movie» folder on your computer..

Just did it with this video to try it and it was saved..

Good luck...


PS. Some vidéos can be also saved if you have «Real Player» software.
You can download it on FileHippo for free..

Be sure to go, after downloading it, to your «TOOLS» in your browser and enable the MNAGE ADD-ONS were you'll see the «RealNetworksDownloads»..

When you see a video to download, just put your mouse on the image and you should see a poping rectangle to download it.
Click on it and your video will download.

Good luck.