Friday, January 23, 2015

A Hell of a Lot More Interesting Than Deflated Balls


whkattk said...

The composite clip Rachel Maddow did about the "ball scandal" last night was fuckin' hilarious.

JiEL said...

Football as Wrestling is a very sexy sport..

For many reasons, it surely gives alot of way to make contacts very intimatly between men...

On the photo lot of it.. Cock touching and the GAY (is it real or photoshoped ??) on the sweather. etc..

BUT, must say that in French, there are many football words that as a kind of double meanings..

TOUCHÉ = touch-down means «touch in a special manner..»
BOTTÉ = Kick -» means fuckin a ass..

AND, those asses in those thighty-thights ... OOOOFFFF !