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Bro Bonding in the Shower

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Caleb, I fuggin love this site! Some of it is a little far to the right on the Kinsey scale for my comfort level, but it’s cool that you’ve taken the time to create something where everyone who has had these experiences (and I’d bet a year’s salary that it’s more than will admit it) can relate.

So… reading through some of the other posts stirred memories of more than 20 years ago!

One of my favorites was after we had gone skiing and came back after a long day in the freezing ass cold. My bro’s parents had a 3-story condo and we got pushed up to the third floor–a foldout sofa to share but it had a small bathroom with a phone booth like shower and toilet right next to it.

My bro, I’ll call him G, and I were comfortable enough around each other that stripping off our winter gear in the cramped space didn’t slow us down at all. We were just bullshitting about how much fun we had that day and how we couldn’t wait for pizza later–all the while watching each other as we peeled off layer after layer. We played sports together and were both really fit–something we admired about each other and didn’t mind talking about. Being typical teenagers, we talked about the hot girls we had seen on the slopes and what we would do if we could get them alone. As we talked I could feel my cock growing but thought nothing of it as we often jokingly “dick flashed (a term I picked up here, lol) or pointed out our hard-ons when we were together. Naturally, I figured if I was getting aroused G was too. As I stood just a few feet from G in the right space of the room and peeled down my snow pants, I hoped that G would notice…so I pushed them to my ankles and stood up to stretch my arms overhead and peel off my sweater. I saw him eyeing me up and down and asked if he was checking me out. We both laughed and he said, “Looks like you’re as hard as I am…let's hurry up and strip so we can shower before the pizza gets here.” Funny how I can remember it as clear as the day it happened over two decades ago.

As he was taking off his snow pants I got to see just how hard he was since the spandex Chilly Willy (how ironic that name is) long underwear he was wearing clearly showed the throbbing bulge in the crotch exactly how mine did. I still remember that mine were blue and his were black and yellow…good memories! Ha!

I told him I would shower first and he said “Not if I get naked first!” So I hustled to rip off two more shirts, socks, and my long underwear as G was doing the same in a race to see who’s going to shower first. As I stepped around him in nothing but my loose and tented boxers, he tackled me around the waist and said, “No way bro, I’m still freezing my ass off–I’m getting there first!” As I spun away, I crashed down on top of him and while I felt my cock grind against his thigh and our naked chests and stomachs mash together–and as I reached across to push myself off him and up from the couch, I ended up with my hand right on his stiff rod through his ski tights. We looked at each other and laughed hard again (we had no problem regularly touching or teasing each other and both knew that we would eventually “mess around” later that night and the next day/night for that matter, so this wasn’t really awkward at all.)

I told him I’d ease up on my grip of he just agreed to let me go first and he said “We’re both shivering cold, let’s just go in now together.” I didn’t hesitate and let go of his cock and started to stand up when he grabbed my dick hard like I had done to him and said, “It’s only fair…I owed you one!” and we both laughed as I offered him a hand to get off his back from the couch.

I said I had to piss and G said he was about to bust so we’d have to “cross swords” and both laughed at something we had done plenty of times before when pissing in the same stall or trough…pissing so that our streams crossed paths–it’s the little things that still make me laugh!

Still semi-hard, I pushed my boxers down and off and stood bent slightly over to accommodate a gushing stream of piss as I looked to my left and G struggled to push his boner down and get a similar stream going. I finished pissing and remarked how good that felt as G’s stream was starting/stopping and he whooped, “Machine gun style!” and we both laughed again hysterically.

I still had my semi in my left hand as I opened the shower door and turned the water all the way to HOT. I felt G’s hands on my shoulder blades as he said, “Hurry up, dude, I’m freezing” and he pushed me under the not quite yet warm water. I felt the goosebumps break out as I turned around to grab him in a bear hug so he could share my misery. As I pulled him in and tried to squeeze the life out of him for the dirty trick, I felt the water get warmer and our dicks pressing together.

He gasped something about hey, get your dick off of me, but I just squeezed him harder and reminded him that I knew he liked it. He said I was right, but he couldn’t breathe and we needed to hurry up because the pizza would be there any minute and his parents would send his stepsister up to get us soon.

So I grabbed the shampoo and lathered up my hair, then my chest and abs as I handed him the bottle. We were facing each other just inches away (this shower was literally the size of a phone booth) and every time one of us moved we bumped into each other.

He asked if I minded washing his back, and since I figured–why not–I turned him around and took the soap starting at his neck and down around his entire back, grabbing both ass cheeks and turning him around again to face me, both of us giggling and ducking the warm spray the whole time. I told him to do mine and he soaped up a washcloth and went to town on my back and shoulders before reaching around my front with both hands, soaping my chest and stomach before sliding down on both sides of my now aching cock. At the same time, he kind of pulled me back in a sort of hug and I felt his hard shlong pressing against my ass crack. It wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary, just two great friends enjoying a hot shower and avoiding any real discussion of labels or taboo or anything like that.

I guess we had been in the shower too long because as the water starting getting cold we heard his stepsister calling us from the bottom of the stairs to come down for pizza. Shit! We had to scramble and hurry up to get dried off and dressed in warm sweats and tighty whiteys to hide our still fairly obvious erections.

We both laughed when his stepmom asked if we had enough hot water for both of us to shower…I guess nobody knew we were in there together! We had a great weekend that time and many fun sleepovers and camping trips after that. If anyone is interested I can share more about those times later, too.

We live across the country from each other and haven’t seen one another in almost 20 years, but we are working on a weekend ski trip reunion this winter–where we’ve agreed that it will be a whole lot more fun because we can be honest and enjoy fun things more freely without worrying about any labels or social stigma. Neither of us have shared these secrets with anyone, and that’s ok for now.

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