Sunday, January 4, 2015

True or not, it's fun to read


People with low cognitive abilities are significantly more likely to demonstrate homophobic prejudice.

People with low intelligence prefer the security of an authority who tells them what to think rather than to take the risk of forming, and expressing, their own opinions in a world that might judge them for having an alternative point of view.

Since right wing conservative ideologies are more authoritarian, that set of beliefs attracts people who are not very smart. And since those same ideologies promote a dislike of others who are outside of their immediate group – people of different races or sexual orientations for example – those are the ideologies more frequently adopted by people with poor cognitive abilities.


Anonymous said...

This dissertation is flawed. I am very much right wing and conservative - and I am homosexual. This is not a left or right wing choice. It is a fact of nature.... get a grip on it, buddy. Or, let someone else get a grip on it - you might like it.

SteveXS said...

Oh, I know it's a flawed study, read all about it, and posted it for the chuckles illustrated by the image of Ann Coulter. Speaking of getting a grip on it, civil rights IS a left or right wing choice and I'm not aware of any right wing conservatives affirming your identity as a homosexual. Huckabee, et al, want to burn you at the stake. Or at least condemn you to hellfire. Good luck with that.