Saturday, November 26, 2016

Salem Suite – a photo-essay on the School of Salem Castle by Will McBride

We've seen some of these pics before but I didn't know who/what/where . . .

Will McBride · Salem Suite

In 1963, Will McBride created a photo repertoire for the magazine "Twen" about the Salem boarding school. A selection of six motifs has been published and, like "Mike in the Shower", have become photographic classics of the twentieth century. In 2014, another 11 motifs were released by Will McBride for collector Thoams Herrendorf. The "Salem Suite" shows the young men in the group washroom of the boarding school.

Thomas Herrendorf on the works: "In the sense of the aesthetics formulated by Will McBride, according to which he can only photograph what he feels and what touches him, and that it is only a fraction of a second, a tiny moment, the magical moment ', In which a photo succeeds and is good, these works also impress with authenticity, intimacy and dynamism. As in many of his other works, McBride has captured both the essential and the essential: the most innocent and, in the best sense, innocent fun and the 'refreshing' feeling of life as well as self-indulgent being, joyous connection and immediate joy - all this reflects the uncompromised recordings of the young men. In these photos is no statics or stiffness, everything is movement; The play with the water and the teasing have made the camera and the photographer forget. "

Will McBride passed away on 29 January 2015. We mourn for a great artist and good friend.

The Salem Suite was shown in the Galerie Koll and Friends until 28 February 2015 and was then shown in Paris in the "Au bonheur du jour" gallery and "Clamp Art" in New York.

An exhibition catalog is available in bookstores.

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The first is Mike having dinner with his parents. The second is Mike listening to the music of a classmate. Then they wash up . . .

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