Friday, November 11, 2016

Seven reasons to move to Massachusetts . . .

. . . instead of Canada

By Brian J. White GLOBE STAFF
NOVEMBER 11, 2016

Americans crashed Canada’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship website Tuesday night as Donald Trump rode a populist wave to victory.

But those looking for an escape from Trump’s policies may not need to head across the border — Massachusetts offers plenty of attractive options that our neighbor to the north lacks.

Here are a few that come to mind:

1. If Obamacare is repealed, Massachusetts will still have universal health care. It’s been state law since 2006 and is what the Affordable Care Act was modeled on. It’s very popular, and it’s not going anywhere.

2. Ditto for marriage equality. Massachusetts’ highest court legalized same-sex marriage in 2004. So even if a conservative Supreme Court overturned itself on the issue, it would still be legal here.

3. We just legalized recreational marijuana on Tuesday. Toke on that, Trudeau.

4. Apparently, Massachusetts and Hawaii are the only states in the country in which every county voted for Hillary Clinton.

5. Aside from our very popular (and very moderate) governor, all statewide offices are held by Democrats, who also control both the state House and Senate.

6. If you REALLY need some poutine, Montreal is only a 6-hour drive from Boston.

7. Best of all, there is no convoluted immigration process with high hurdles to clear. Just aim toward New England and stop when every other store is a Dunkin’ Donuts.

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JiEL said...

Do what you like to do as long as you find a safe place to live in.

To me Canada is my country and I'm proud to live in a REAL FREE country.

BTW, no problem to purchase «pot» here and it's no more illegal to have and smoke it.
Also, as your money is more valuable, you can buy more easily a house in Montreal, one to the cheapest place to do it. A $300 000 C house will cost you only $175 000 USA.

We have a universal Health Care system so EVERYONE is covered, no matter your income.

In Canada, LGBT rights are in our Liberty and Rights Chart for many years now and no problem to marry and have kids too. Gays are part of all fields of our society and welcome too. To have some gay friends here is just common and well accepted by straights.

If I would be rich, I'd consider buying a house in Delaware. Delaware also is a Democrate state. AND no taxe on anything. Got some friends in Rehoboth Beach and I just love that place so gay friendly too...

Many option for you.

whkattk said...

Well, I live in a state which just turned blue...took back both houses of the state legislature, and legalized pot, replaced a democrat with a democrat, sent two republicans packing - and aiming to pick the last one off in 2018. Yet, we're still frightened and looking for a place to go. I wonder if my illness could handle the cold weather....