Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UPDATE on Robert Marucci


Competing versions of the truth. The school principal now says the suspension had nothing to do with the gay pics and her personal sense of morality. Later it says he wasn't even suspended -- but we saw the suspension slip. Interesting post from a family friend on the FB page . . .

"Ookkkayyy just got pissed off. CNN is reporting that Roberts mom never had a meeting with Dr, Sullivan (principal) per the BCSB..... well guess what I was there. I was with her. I heard the whole dam thing. I am so over the lies. I have kept my temper and held my tongue and trust me that is a hard thing to do for me. I love Robert like one of my own. I saw his face and how confused and upset he was the day all this broke loose. I am in constant contact with his mom that by the way has been one step away from a nervous break down since this shit started. I am over Dr. Sulivans out and out lies. I will Support Robert until the end. As for you Dr.Sullivan I can't wait till you go after my kid for protesting. I am a whole different level to deal with trust me."

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Anonymous said...

Were the ages of the students who spread the photos checked? How many of them could be underage? What did the school do about that?

Robert was bullied? What has the school done about that? Oh, yeah, it's Florida, where bullying is...

What kind of world is it when emnity is encouraged against someone who steps up to support his family?

Some good may yet come of this. Remember that because a sheriff's deputy lied on his report, we won Lawrence v Texas, overturning sodomy laws.