Sunday, May 18, 2014

Editorial: Kissing Is My Right, Too

Everybody’s all over the Michael Sam story. LGBT folks cheered. Michelangelo Signorile led the “Great Facebook Kiss-In.” Right-wing religious nuts (and nuts in general) said it was another sign the world is coming to an end, etc. A few days ago, the hysteria spread to Europe when Spain defeated Portugal in soccer (football) and two players kissed each other on the mouth. “Although kissing as a form of celebration is not unheard of in football, Spanish sports site described the image of the Croatian and Portuguese players as ‘passionate while other media outlets opted for ‘curious’.” Which is surprising because it happens all the time.

I believe in equal rights. For Americans, for all people everywhere in the world, it should be our right as human persons to be who we are, love who we love, and express our feelings w/o worrying about disapproval or condemnation from stupid fucking dicks (i.e., ignorant idiots). Part of that ought to be guys (and gals) who don’t identify as LGBT being able to do the same. If Scooter and Bubba feel like a big fat smooch at the game or anywhere else, the appropriate response from onlookers oughta be a smile that says, “Nice, those boys really like each other.”

So yes, lotsa kissing . . . for everyone.

P.S. That last link includes some dudes we know ain’t straight, but what the hell!

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