Monday, May 5, 2014

Sexy Science: Why hairy chests (and other bits) are good

Why hairy chests are good.
January 14, 2014 by Mairi Macleod

What’s important about hairiness is that it helps to increase the scent of a man – curly pubic hair promotes the growth of bacteria responsible for manly fragrance, and this is very important. A hairy chest can smell very sexy and has the additional benefit of snuggliness.

And why is a man’s smell such a big deal? It turns out that we can sniff out some aspects of a person’s personality and dominant men tend to have a more attractive smell. Perhaps most importantly though, smell tells us subconsciously about whether or not someone is compatible with us.

And sniffing out the right mate is really important: Relationship counselors report that couples who say they dislike their partners’ smell are usually impossible to reconcile.

Yet another study demonstrates that a good smell is crucial for an experience of ‘deep’ orgasm.

Plenty of men are naturally naked in the chest area, but of course there are other hairy body-bits that can do the job of imparting man-scent as long as the said men can resist attacking them with a razor.

My guess is that the current preference for hairless man-bods and the simultaneous penchant in men for getting their chests, not to mention back, sack and crack, waxed is not adaptive, biologically evolved behaviour but comes down to some culturally constructed weirdness that can be blamed on the Chippendales and their modern equivalents. Or maybe it’s all to do with perv porn, since everything else seems to get attributed to that. Anyway, hopefully it will go away soon. And then we can get back to enjoying a hint of hirsute peaking out above an open-necked shirt.

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