Friday, May 2, 2014

Str8 Dudes Cuddling and Spooning? Yes!

Heteromasculinity and Homosocial Tactility among Student-athletes

University of Winchester, Winchester, UK
Durham University, Durham, UK

This article examines the prevalence of homosocial tactility and the contemporary status and meaning of heteromasculinity among British male youth. Drawing on in-depth interviews with forty student-athletes at a British university, we find that thirty-seven participants have cuddled with another male. In addition to this cuddling, participants also engage in “spooning” with their heterosexual male friends. Demonstrating the pleasurable aspects of being a man in this culture, we argue that the expansion of esteemed homosocial behaviors for heterosexual men is evidence of an expansion of changing conceptions of masculinity in contemporary culture. We call for the discussion of heteromasculinities and contextualize our findings using inclusive masculinity theory.

93 Percent of Straight Men Like to Spoon/Cuddle with Another Guy

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