Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grab Bag Sunday


JiEL said...

I bought the movie "Kill your Darlings" on Blu-ray.

Saw it and must say that it's quite interesting and gives another side of Allen Ginsberg life (1943-48).

This scene where Daniel Radcliff (Allen Ginsberg) finally got laid by a blond guy is almost porn.
Yes, we see Daniel Radcliff's nice butt but not much though.

All along the movie, some gay scenes but, again, too prude to me.
Must understand also that it was in 1940s and expressing love was made so discretly, more if your gay.

Over all, this movie is worth to see.
I wanted to see it also because I had seen and purchased the other movie about Allen Ginsberg: "Broken Tower" with James Franco playing Allen Ginsberg.
James Franco did a better job in his acting of Allen Ginberg.
Better movie also in regard of who really was this great American poet.

Must see both anyway.

Best Regards

Ralph said...

I'll "grab" the blond guy in picture 18. Would like to see more of him... especially photos instead of gifs. Thanks.