Monday, June 9, 2014

Tonys Host Hugh Jackman's 5 Gayest Jokes

5. "Broadway is very, very good for the local economy. Thanks to Alan Cumming in Cabaret, sales of nipple glitter are skyrocketing, ladies and gentlemen. But man, does it chafe. It's brutal."

4. "What a great season it has been on Broadway. It's just been incredibly diverse. Whether you like men dressed as women or drag queens, there's something for everyone, ladies and gentlemen."

3. "Pink Cadillac. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Rawhide. More than just names of bars in the West Village, these — I live there; it's OK — these are also film and TV credits of our next presenter … Clint Eastwood."

2. "There's the amazing Neil Patrick Harris, nominated for Hedwig. He is a legendary four-time Tony host. But Angela Lansbury has hosted five times. So Neil is right behind her, and I was right behind him, which is still illegal in 13 states."

1. "Casa Valentina, nominated for Best Play. It highlights the tension between married men who cross-dress and the gay community, two sides that never really understood each other. It's kind of like people who are against same-sex marriage and people who mind their own business."

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