Friday, February 6, 2015

Any ideas about whether there’s something that can be done about a plagiarist on Pinterest?

Unless you’re a professional photographer and your blog features work you've created, I’d guess that 99% of all bloggers copy and use pictures from the Internet.*

I do it, too, from free websites so I can feel I’m not stealing from anyone. As many of you know, I also clean up and enhance the pics I post here. It’s a fun hobby. I also embed small symbols that are virtually invisible to anyone else -- not to claim ownership in any way but I get a kick out of seeing how many other bloggers are reposting what I’ve done. Happy for anyone to do the same. We are all editors.

None of that is the issue. But tell me what you think about this. Tonight I was looking at something on Pinterest and saw a (what do you call ’em, boards? pins?) this dude Paulo had titled “Natural Is Hot, Shaved Is Not.” That’s the motto of my blog and as far as I know, I was the first to put it out there in 2008. Plus, a lot of the pics were lifted from my blog. I don’t mind the copying -- we all do it -- and in fact it’s kind of a compliment, but plagiarizing the motto without credit bugs the hell out of me. So much that I might need a glass of wine or three...

* (What I think is mega-stupid, though, is taking pics you've copied from somewhere and putting your name or label on 'em. If you didn't take the pics or don't own the copyright, you have no right to represent them as belonging to you. If not stealing, it's certainly misrepresentation.)

What should I do, folks? Forget it? Get over it? Have that 3rd glass of wine?

[HALF AN HOUR LATER]...okay, over the diva fit and glad the natural train is gaining steam!


Anonymous said...

The third glass of wine really does help put perspective on the issue. Yep, it's a total compliment, although really not very classy on his part, just an annoyance. Glad the natural idea is causing some copy-caters. Accept the back-handed compliment and let me pour you that fourth glass of wine. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Clearly you needed that third glass of wine; we probably all did on a Friday night!

Joe said...

Steve, I'd take it as a very nice compliment. Years ago when I started my precious blog (mostly pics and little substance), I had a regular series of posts called "Ass Wednesday" a play on words for Ash Wednesday. I no longer update that blog, but in the years since, I see Ass Wednesday on Twitter and other places a lot. It's not the same as your case, because even though I'd never seen "Ass Wednesday" used before, I don't know if it was directly lifted from my blog or not, though your case seems to be that they are imitating you. As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

By the way, as you probably know, I use pics from your blog quite frequently on mine. In my case, it is because I love your blog. So thank you for the wonderful work you do here and keep it up. I'll be back everyday to see what you post, just like I've been doing for quite a while now.

SteveXS said...

Scooter, you know better than anybody else that a 4th glass of anything would put me under the table. Unless that's your evil plan... ;-)

SteveXS said...

Tks Joe. Absolutely right. Not sure why it bugged me (better than buggered?) so much. Your blog is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Ah Bubba, you know me so well-lol.