Friday, February 27, 2015

Google still sucks...and not in the good way

The Daily Mail grabbed Google by the balls, squeezed hard, and Google bowed down. I don’t know where they found the balls to stand up again, but apparently the blowback against their stupid ass decision was so intense they had to reverse the reversal of the policy they had in place, which was that adults can make up their own minds about what they want to see/read on the Internet. Regardless, I will never trust Google or Blogger again and will be looking for an alternative platform. Your suggestions welcome. And thank you sincerely for all the support!

From Rational Wiki...

The Daily Mail (aka, Hate Mail, Daily Fail, Daily Heil, Daily Moan and so on), is a reactionary tabloid rag masquerading as a "traditional values," middle-class newspaper that is, in many ways, the worst of the British gutter press (only Rupert Murdoch's Sun is worse). Its weighty Sunday counterpart is the Mail on Sunday.

The Daily Mail is to the U.K. what the New York Post is to the United States, and what the Drudge Report is to the Internet: to wit, gossipy tabloid "journalism" for those who cannot digest serious news, with a flippantly wingnut editorial stance. The Daily Mail is notable among British tabloids for rejecting the standard red-top banner in order to try to appear more upmarket and respectable, although it does sometimes go in for the full front-page picture or headline characteristic of the populist rags. It is also notorious for its frequent harassment of individuals, campaigns of hate directed at various minorities, and willfully deceiving and lying to its readers.

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