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Confessions from Straight Men Who Watch Gay Porn
by Eric Shorey  | November 11, 2014

If my generally-useless MA degree in Liberal Studies (with a focus on Gender and Sexuality) taught me anything it is that sexuality is fluid. Everyone has a different relation to their desires and everyone expresses those relations through unique identities, which are far more varied than the categories generally offered to us by society.

That’s all well and good, but it isn’t too often that you hear straight men talking about their love of gay porn. So when a thread asking heterosexual men about their interest in same sex imagery popped up on Reddit’s AskMen page, my interest was certainly piqued. In response to the question “Do any straight guys watch gay porn as a fetish rather than an aspect of your sexual orientation“, a handful of internet users offered up their own experiences.

The original poster had this to say about his own experiences:
It is my guess that a lot of straight guys consume gay porn. It is also my guess that the stigma of doing so is far less than it used to be. Many people today consider transsexual porn to be primarily of interest to straight males. I view it all but do not consider myself gay. I have a very high sex drive and perhaps a smattering of sexual addictions. I am happy with myself and my gf is fully aware of this. So, guys, tell me if i’m the only one.

The responses from other redditers were varied. Some condemned him as a closet-case, while others kept an open mind on the subject. Even fewer straights admitted to their own gay porn habits. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

From user elementality22:
F*ck it, I’ll be the one dude to be honest, yeah I watch some gay porn. I find they are less fake about it most times, a lot less fake moaning and such … I just tend to find a lot of gay porn is relevant to my interests in a way that some straight porn isn’t. I don’t like watching sloppy, gaggy blow jobs and on the whole gay porn has much cleaner bjs at least from what I’ve seen. It’s about 70/30 straight to gay watching. I don’t like twinks or super swole dudes. I generally watch college vids, hazing type deals, straight for pay, nothing with kissing/caressing. Just the sex please. I’ve never had any inclination for a male outside of gay porn, I like many other guys here were totally grossed out by it and it became this taboo in my mind and then I decided to just watch one and saw that it really wasn’t so bad. I’m sort of a voyeur in that regard and just like watching gay, straight, trans, whatever.

From user McTossyPants:
I like it. The problem with the hetero stuff is that too often the women are just used as toys. It’s easier to find gay stuff with two active participants. However, straight stuff where both are active is the hottest thing ever.
But I don’t watch stuff with “masculine” guys. I only watch twinks.
Also, IRL I don’t ever want to actually do anything sexual with a guy. I only think of girls that way.
Edit: I don’t even like hunks or jocks in straight stuff. I like twinkish straight dudes.
Also, I don’t care for anal. Oral only, please.

From user SchizophrenicMC:
On rare occasion, I watch gay porn because my dick tells me that’s what I want to be watching. I’m not gay, I just sometimes get this urge that says “watch a man rail another dude in the ass”.
Normally, though, I watch straight porn or girl/girl.

An Anonymous user wrote:
Sure do man. Not gay, no real intention to do a dude. But holy crap man, a man giving a blow job is so awesome, they just know what theyre doing.

So, what can be learned from the thread? Well, not too much. Some straight men like gay porn, others don’t! And you know what, that’s fine. Keep on keepin’ on, boys!

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Anonymous said...

In 2010 did a poll, "What's your sexual orientation and which porn do you prefer, if any?" Str8 guys watching str8 porn: 27%. Str8 guys watching gay porn: 18%. Bi watching str8: 1%, watching gay: 8%. The comments are a fascinating read.

Jeffrey Hawthorne Goines said...

Indeed! And, yes, there is less of a stigma. At the same time, though, there is also ubiquitous surveillance on what we're all watching, statistics being drawn, information being shared, about each and every one of us all, about what we like, what we respond to, and when. Then, all at once, came the Google ban, out of nowhere. For once people were all courageous, and intelligent. That day came the big thing made out of a dude jerking on a train, precisely in England. It is still in the news, and some believe they have to pretend to be scandalized, by a dude jerking off on a train. In reality, how can such a very little thing, which in itself is silly, and not harmful to anyone, be featured on the same page as persons being beheaded on television, and horrendous harm being done to so many human beings, everywhere, today, and what does that even mean?