Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Night Filet

May not be back in time for a full post so here's a little something to titillate your tastebuds . . .


JiEL said...

Very inspiring pic of a gorgeous well equipped cuty.

As a French is my mother tongue, FILET has many meaning.

Filet: Net to catch fish.
Filet: A thin voice, un filet de voix.
Filet: A slice of meat or fish «filet». Filet de saumon (salmon).
Filet: The little skin joining the foreskin to the gland...

Sometimes you, English people, are using our French words but not always in their real meaning.

My all time example is the way, in restaurants in USA, you put «ENTRÉES» talking of the «main dish». For us, «entrĂ©es» are the «appetizers», the dish BEFORE the main dish.

So, what meaning is «FILET» for you in your title.
(I'd think that looking to his gorgeous penis, I might think of a delicious «fish filet».. LOL!

SteveXS said...

It definitely fits the American definition of an entree! ;-)

SteveXS said...

And definitely meat, not fish!!

JiEL said...

So USA is mistaken in the meaning of «entree».
Must say that USA are doing many mistakes in many fields but don't like to admit it.
EX. Trump if elected will be the HUGEST mistake you could do.. LOL !
Clinton could be a «less» mistake but still a «mistake»...

For meaning of FILET, that guy surely has a DELICIOUS meat filet to be licked and more.. MMMMM !!