Wednesday, October 19, 2016



I'm In Love With My Best Friend (Both Guys)

My best friend and I have known each other for like 3 years and we are 17 by now (we are both guys so don’t keep reading if you don’t like these kind of things). I used to be very shy and socially awkward back then but he always stayed by my side, trying to comfort me and encouraging me to try new things. We used to be together all the time, and now we can’t but we still try to whenever it’s possible. He even invited me to stay with him for a week in summer when he went on vacations; it was a hot place so we mostly stayed in underpants while we were in our room and we constantly teased each other and recorded videos from us doing stupid things.

Some time ago, when he organized a party, we got drunk. He lay on the sofa where I was sitting, hugging me, and he placed a small bowl of chips he was eating just in my groin. A girl looked at us and asked “What do they look like?”, and another girl answered “a gay couple”, and he just giggled and kept eating from the bowl. Then we played “spin the bottle” and I had to kiss one of the girls we were with, but she just said “she couldn’t”, not ashamed but rather disgusted, and my friend who was trying to comfort me said “he could” and gave me a peck on the lips, and he gave me yet another peck when the bottle pointed us both. After an hour of so my friend and the mean girl started to kiss and went to a room to get laid but at the end they did NOTHING (being my friend a virgin, same as I).

On the other hand, in class, we ere sharing a computer and doing the things we usually do (tease each other, laughing) and someone said we looked gay. My friend turned his back on me instantly, saying that “he was ignoring me just to annoy me”, but he talked again soon after he noticed I was getting sad for being alone. Stangelly, he told a friend we kissed more than once when we played "spin the bottle", rather proudly.

After some months he organized yet another party, he completely ignored the mean girl this time. We got drunk again and we all decided to sleep at the floor once it was getting late, me and my friend were rather close to each other (so close I was almost tempted to kiss him), whispering stupid things and giggling without any reason at all.

Some days ago we were together in the school break (as always) and he admitted that he doubted being straight or gay as a kid, and he said he accidentally watched a bizarre ***** movie with a rather gay ending his father was hiding. We ere sitting in the back of a bank with our feet on the seat, so he lay on the seat under my legs and hit my groin just to tease me, playfully, so I throwed him a chip from the bag I was eating but I ended up feeding him, dropping them one by one on his mouth.

Some times we when out we even shared the same straw (which he kind of suggested with a smile), and he even ended a lollipop I got tied of without a second though. In his birthday I gifted him a video I made with photos of us both and he admitted it that he cried when he watched it, and he said that he would really like to live with me when we got older.

On the other hand, he always checks girls out but he hasn’t had a girlfriend for quite a long time now (he had some but for a very short time, and as I said he’s still a virgin), there are two girls chasing after him and he is proud of it, but not very excited. There's also another girl who might be interested in him and she's gorgeous (and everyone thinks so) and he strangelly said that he wouldn't get laid with her, and even I wold!

My question is: What do you think? Is he just very close to me, or there might be more to it in these kinds of relationship? I’ve been in love with him for almost like a year and I’ts driving me mad…

PS: I have to add that he doesn't have a bad opinion of bisexuality, he admires an old friend of him who is openly bisexual and didn't look disgusted at all when another friend of him kind of hinted it, though the last one was probably joking or something.

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