Monday, April 12, 2021

A Question of Froy

Richard Madden and his actor pal Froy Gutierrez grab a picnic and head to
Hampstead Heath after spending lockdown together in LA  | 12 April 2021

It was reported last year that Richard Madden was spending COVID isolation in a lavish £20,000 a month property with Froy Gutierrez. Richard was believed to be living in fellow Emilia Clarke's two-bedroom home after moving out of the house he shared with Brandon Flynn last year. He was first photographed with the Teen Wolf star, who is from Texas, in February 2020.

Now interestingly, Froy has a pretty big and thick dick (allegedly), so do we think it's possible he's on top in this relationship? Gossip!

BTW, here's Mr. Madden with Brandon Flynn in 2019.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Hoosiers Again


The 1986 movie Hoosiers was on this morning. Best (and almost only) sports movie I've ever liked. True to life, IMO, and the guys are real -- most recruited from local Indiana high schools. One of those was Brad Long who played Buddy. The only member of the team with acting experience was David Neidorf, who played Everett.

David Neidorf, Everett

Brad Long, Buddy

Interviews. Click to listen . . .