Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Manfeathers

There are so many variations that make guys unique -- and uniquely hot. Why would anyone want to be a carbon copy of somebody else?

Be the best YOU possible.

Manfeathers Continued

All Natural

Why Flickr, Why?

I'm here thanks to the folks at Flickr, damn their weasely little minds. There I was, posting away on my "Pro Account" (great de-stresser) and all of a sudden it was yanked. Every single image -- more than 4,000 high quality shots, MY TOTAL COLLECTION including lots o' HiRes -- had been reviewed and labeled to be sure no one of inappropriate age or sensitivity would be shocked but apparently that wasn't enough. Got an email later from some junior dictator saying I had "violated community standards" because there was "stuff" from the Internet in my photostream. If they applied their fascistic little rules across the board, they'd lose a tremendous amount of business since half the people on there have Internet pics. Instead, some officious moderator had a diva fit.

No refund, with almost half a year’s paid subscription to go. Nice racket, huh? And no appeal. I used to like the site, how easy it was to use and upload large numbers of pics, but if you go there, beware. Stored everything I had on Flickr and lost it all.

Now this blog is for everybody who appreciate the art and beauty of the male body in its natural state: not shaved, plucked, buffed, waxed, "manscaped" or mutilated in any other way from what Nature gave us. It doesn't matter whether you're smooth or hairy, be proud of what you've got — naturally!

It’s also for guys fascinated by manfeathers — the hot 'n' sexy fuzzy-wuzzies under your arms and other places. Remember? -- that’s what let you know you were growing up, checking yourself out in the mirror at home and sneaking a peek at other dudes in gym class. Come on, you know it's true! But because so many guys have been taken in by social pressure to undergo gross and disgusting “manscaping” it’s hard to find pics of guys who are completely all natural — so some posts will focus on hot manfeathers even if other parts of the anatomy have been scraped.

How dumb is that, shaving your armpits, crotch, or balls but leaving your legs or butt or whatever hairy. If you really like that plucked chicken look promoted by old pervs in the porn industry, go all the way, man!

'Nuff said.

In addition to Manfeathers, there are other interests such as bad boys, bum boys, celeb boys, dirty boys, dream boys, frat boys and regular guys, hot 'n' cute boys, jock boys, military boys and wannabes, model boys (completely un-natural but beautiful anyway), naked boys, nature boys, and boys doing special things. Not all eye candy but there's something about each shot.

N.B.: The word "boy" just means somebody of the male persuasion -- no pervy sh*t!!!

Okay, looking forward to a sweet year. Cool beans!

P.S. One of the strangest things about the Internet is people copying what must be millions of photos a year then labeling them as their own. That's not just stupid, it's offensive. Many pictures on this blog have been collected from free Internet sites then cropped, photoshopped, etc., to remove flaws and enhance their quality. No way to know who took them originally and I don't claim ownership, so if there's an image here that belongs to you and you’d like to have it removed, let me know and it's gone. If you're not the photographer and you don't own the copyright, get over yourself, dude!